Fashion grows faster than before in Suzhou

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In the past year, Suzhou has paid more attention to fashion than 300 million, and it has greatly surpassed the trend of going north and deep. In the past three years, this dimension has soared at a value close to 100 million per year. In Suzhou, where the fashion gene is disproportionate, it has its own cultural heritage, and it also produces a unique fashion flavor.

Suzhou, since ancient times. More than 2,000 years ago, a luxury item called Yu Jin was born here, and the fashion history of the Suzhou people started from here. After more than 2,000 years, exquisite life is the daily life of Suzhou people. Biluochun, who can’t finish drinking, and Kunqu, which is endless, can also be their unique genes. In addition, Suzhou fashion is a mutual achievement of tradition and innovation. On the other side of tradition, Suzhou people think that technology is the most fashionable, and “smart” is their favorite fashion element.

Fashion is an “addiction” that Suzhou people can’t stop. The attention of Suzhou users to fashion has risen linearly from 140 million in 2016 to 325 million in 2018. Suzhou is born with fashion, Suzhou users pay high attention to fashion items. . Suzhou Center is a new fashion landmark that Suzhou people pay attention to; elegance and leisure are the fashion philosophy of Suzhou people; cross-border is the fashion focus of Suzhou people. At the same time, Suzhou’s Wenchuang vitality ranks among the best in the country, which makes Suzhou’s fashion literature and art together. A charming city has a soul, a powerful city has a future; there is a fashion called Suzhou.

Fashion never ends, and Suzhou is unstoppable. Coexist with the times, interpreting fashionable choices with millennials. This ACMA fashion festival presents the unique fashion charm of Chinese culture in the form of creative catwalks. Dedicated from the unique makeup of China for thousands of years, it deconstructs the fashion choice of the younger generation.

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